Activate Your Flexibility: The Complete Training2

Activate Your Flexibility: The Complete Training2

Activate Your Flexibility The Complete Training is the ultimate experience for yoga students serious about increasing their flexibility and deepening their yoga poses.

What You'll Get:

Activate Your Flexibility online series: an 11 Video Series: uncover what's preventing you from being flexible, anatomy principles explained, 45 minute practice along videos, and more!

4 Week Comprehensive Training
Enrollment Capped At 30 Students
*5, 90 minute Live Group Trainings with Q & As
Private Access To Stored Live Group Trainings
Practice Calendar Templates
Supplemental eBook
Train with yoga students worldwide
Whatsapp Group With Other Trainees Moderated By Cathy Madeo

Session 2: February 10, 17, 24, 28, 31 11-12:30pm EST

Activate Your Flexibility: The Complete Training2
  • Activate Your Flexibility Trailer

  • How To Use This Series

    Working at home with online series you might have questions concerning how often to do the videos and what order to do them in. This video covers that. In this video series we use quite a bit of props. Get creative with whatever you have in your house. But if you have the following or want to eve...

  • Foundations

    In this video you'll learn what flexibility is and what's been preventing you from being flexible. You'll get an overview of different flexibility techniques and terms that will be used throughout the series.

  • Principles of Forward Folds

    In this video you'll learn key alignment prickles of forward folds that will help unlock your flexibility.

  • Focus on Forward Folds

    This class covers forward folds in a variety of poses utilizing different stretching techniques. You will need wall space, a weight of 10-15 lbs, blocks, and if you are newer to forward folds have a blanket and a strap.

  • Principles of Hips and Hamstrings

    This video discusses the muscles and bones that surround your hip joint and offers insights into alignment principles for poses that target your hips and hamstrings.

  • Hamstrings: Focus on Splits

    This class focuses on flexibility techniques to target your hamstrings. You'll work on various yoga postures with a focus on front splits. You'll need 2-3 blocks and wall space. A strap and blanket can be used to modify.

  • Hips: Focus on Middle Splits

    This class explores various techniques to open your hips into external rotation and work in middle splits. You'll need a 5-10 lb weight, wall space and socks. You might want a blanket to modify.

  • Principles of Backbends

    This video gives you an overview of anatomy of the spine and shoulders, discusses the position of your pelvis and the various muscles that contract and stretch in backbends. 

  • Backbends: Focus On Shoulder Extension

    This class focuses on warm ups for backbends in which the arms are behind you in extension. Main poses covered are bow, dancer, camel, bridge and single-leg bridge. You'll need two blocks. You might also need a strap and a blanket to modify.

  • Backbends: Focus On Shoulder Flexion

    This class focuses on deep backbends with a focus on backbends that require flexion of the shoulders, or arms above the head. Deep stretches to prep you for deep backbends such as mermaid, king pigeon, wheel pose, drop back, and forearm wheel. You'll need 2-3 blocks, a light weight 2-5 lbs if you...

  • Yin

    Yin Yoga is a passive practice that stretches the fascia around your muscles. This class will use yin postures to target all the areas we covered in the series: folds, hips, hamstrings and backbends. Props aren't necessary but you might want blocks, blanket, and bolster.

  • Live: March 10 Forward Folds

    This class build heat in the front body to stretch the back body to deepen your forward folds. You'll need wall space and blocks.

  • Live March 17: Hamstrings

    This live training session focuses on strengthening and stretching your hamstrings with a focus on splits, standing split and compass pose.

  • Live: March 24 Hips: Focus On Middle Splits

  • Live March 28: Backbends

    This class builds strength in hamstrings and glutei and back body and then stretches deeply in camel, king dancer, wheel and drop back. You'll need a wall, cushion or blanket, 2 blocks, long strap or stick and set of dumbbells if you have them.

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